External Surface Sanitation

Foam Cleaners

The use of buckets and brushes is a thing of the past and thus has given way to new and more mechanized options. One of them is foam cleaning, which has proven its benefits in all types of food and beverage industries. Its ease and speed of application, high personnel safety index, coupled with low consumption and great benefits make it an essential part of any modern food industry.

EUROCHEM have a full line of super foaming cleaners available for any need. Acid, alkaline, chlorinated alkaline foams, neutrals and degreasers, as well as a group of chemical sanitizers are available for any process and application.

In addition to chemicals, EUROCHEM have a wide selection of foam application equipment, portable, fixed or centralized.

Among the technological advantages and benefits that you can expect from EUROCHEM foams and processes, we can highlight:

  • Deep, thorough cleaning
  • Clean, bright surfaces
  • Bacteria-free environments and surfaces
  • High yields
  • Faster cleaning processes
  • Thick, adherent foam
  • Bactericidal properties
  • Degreasing properties
  • High foam generation
  • Simple and efficient application equipment
  • Easy to rinse

EUROCHEM also offer a full line of Boil Out Cleaners, Manual Cleaners, Gel Cleaners and Pressure Spray Cleaners for different types of processes and cleaning needs.

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