Bottle washing

Bottle washing in the beverage industry is a vital part of the bottling process as it provides stability, brand image and the good name for your products.

In order to obtain the cleanest and brightest possible containers, EUROCHEM have developed a complete line of bottle-washing compounds, caustic soda additives and warm water zone treatments and sanitizers.

All of these chemicals are the product of our continuous research from our laboratories. Some of the most important benefits that you can obtain with the EUROCHEM Bottle Washing Program are:

  • Reduced rejects
  • Enhanced container appearance
  • High quality wash
  • increased caustic performance
  • Longer use-life of the detergent solution
  • Controlled foam
  • Zero carry-over
  • Zero fungi
  • Zero scale formation
  • Scuffing protection
  • Automatic controllers and dosing systems

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