Tunnel Pasteurizer Treatment

The proper treatment of tunnel pasteurizers, as well as warmers and coolers in the beer, soft drink and juice industries, has an imperative role in these processes. In the brewing industry, such treatment is even more critical, as the quality and stability of the beer depend on the proper functioning of the equipment.

EUROCHEM’s research laboratories have developed a series of products for water treatment in tunnel-type equipment. Such developments have extensively proven their benefits in the field. Such are:

  • Effective microbiological growth control
  • Block prevention of sieves and nozzles
  • Corrosion control
  • Longer use life of the equipment and parts
  • Less downtime and overhauling
  • Lid, can, crown and ceramic label protection
  • Control of mineral scale
  • Minimal foam formation
  • Broad spectrum biocides
  • Effective pH control
  • Water savings
  • Longer water cycle life
  • Automatic dosing systems

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