Through our exclusive patented process, EUROCHEM-ZUCRA offers a technically and economically viable option for sulfur substitution, providing the mill with an easy-to-control process, with standardized results, better quality in the final product, greater reduction in color and ash content, higher syrup purity and with a noticeable decrease in environmental contamination by SO2.

The EUROCHEM-ZUCRA process for sulfur substitution does not require investments or alterations to your factory or process, and can be implemented in just a few days.

A high clarity juice is essential to obtain a high quality final product, through a better evaporation and crystallization process due to fewer impurities.

EUROCHEM – ZUCRA has a complete line of flocculating polymers of different electric charge and molecular weight to adjust to your momentary needs, as we know that the operating conditions of the process are variable throughout the harvest.

EUROCHEM – ZUCRA technical staff will work with you to optimize the selection and dosage of our flocculants. Likewise, we will train your staff to prepare the solutions properly to achieve the best possible clarification.

EUROCHEM – ZUCRA also have special products for mud filters and presses, where the loss of sucrose will be reduced by the action of our polymers.

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